Bidding on Items

To view the auction items, click on the link that is on your organizations page. After you login, you will be able to bid on items once the auction is live. Below is a screenshot of the item listings.

To view the full image, click on the image thumbnail on the left side of the item list.

To view the full item description and photo, click on the item number and name above the image.

To place a bid on an item, you can choose a single bid amount or a max bid amount.

Single bid amount is a one-time bid. Should someone outbid you, you will need to log back in and place another bid.

The max bid amount is the maximum you want to bid on an item. If someone outbids you, the system will automatically increase your bid amount by the bid increment. Should additional bids be place, the system will continue to increase your bid amount by the bid increment until your max bid amount is reached. You would then need to login again and place a new bid if your were outbid above your max bid amount.